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Scales Green
Spine Red
Gender Male
Home Ss-Kuru Tribe, Tarati
Age 14 Cycles

Maki-Tak is a red and green toki. He was born on Tarati and is a member of the Ss-Kuru Tribe. He is a jungle toki that feels at home in swamps and trees. He is of average build and sometimes carries around a dagger. He enjoys hunting, and prefers melee combat. His favourite food is meaty stew.


Maki-Tak's lover is Taki-Tak. She is clingy, dramatic and demanding, whilst Maki-Tak is reluctant to show affection. Despite their differences, their relationship has lasted many cycles.

Maki-Tak's brother is Xazo-Tak.

Maki-Tak does not know his own parents, and considers his tribe family.


Maki-Tak is one of the first tokis to experience a Kiladako sighting. He is initially suspicious and apprehensive of them. One cycle later, he is one of many tokis to be abducted for experimentation. Maki-Tak survives and escapes, but accidentally exits to another planet instead of his home on Tarati. He spends some time travelling through space, attempting to find a route home. When he eventually returns, he brings back valuable information about the Kiladako and extraterrestrial technology.


Maki-Tak becomes a war general, leading the resistance movement against Kiladako oppression. After their victory he is promoted to Tekel of the Ss-Kuru Tribe.


Maki-Tak was the first toki to be created. His creator uses the handle Maki-Tak on most websites. The first appearance of Maki-Tak on the web happened on 21 August 2008, in a project titled Scratch Yearbook.